Dear Members of NRNA NCC USA,


“With organization comes empowerment”- Lynda Peterson

The opportunity to serve as the President of Non-Resident Nepali Association, National Coordination Council, is an absolute honor. I truly treasure and value this trophy. I am deeply touched by the trust and confidence that you all have put on the entire team and me. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank enough for this opportunity to serve our community at large.

With ambitious goals for the next two years, I, along with my newly elected team have embarked on a beautiful journey of selfless service to the community under the global vision of NRNA. We all know that NRNA is not only a great organization but a household word of Nepalese diaspora. Since the day of its formal establishment at Global Conference 2003, London, in the presence of 210 Nepalese from 32 countries with its motto “For Nepali by Nepali”, this organization has expanded its presence in various countries. 

We are continuously evolving as an organization at a global scale and becoming a formidable force in representing the interest of Nepalese diaspora. Our diaspora community has become more united under this umbrella than ever before. Our voices are gaining more attention in different parts of the world where we currently live as well as in Nepal because of the collective strength of NRNA. In Nepal, migration of Nepalese abroad was once considered as “Brain Drain”, but that perception is gradually fading in recent years, and slowly turning into “Brain Gain”. It is happening because NRNA, through a collective investment of both financial resources and knowledge acquired abroad, is creating a significant positive impact on Nepal’s socio-economic sectors. It has become possible only due to the NRNA global leadership and its visionary leaders.

I have been fortunate enough to serve this organization in a different capacity. It was a great learning experience that has helped me understand the organization and its challenges more closely.  I truly believe that time spent in serving the community through this organization is crucial for anyone who is aspiring to lead this organization in the future. During my visit to different states within the US, I had the opportunity to meet thousands of community members, and listen to their voices, praises, and concerns regarding the organization and its activities. I would like to assure you that your valuable suggestions will be my guiding principle in the days ahead and your eternal support will be my strength.  

As per the concern showed by thousands of Nepalese people living in the US, I have begun working to make the organization more inclusive, transparent, and modern throughout my tenure. I will continue the expansion of organizational structure through chapters and promote NRNA core mission and vision. I have felt that we need to redefine our approach and messaging in making members aware of the need of this organization and its worth for our future generation. Organizational development and strengthening of governing practices according to the spirit of the bylaws is my top priority. The documentation, preservation, and storage of institutional documents/properties in digital format and strengthening of the existing Web portal are other important areas this committee will be spending its time and resources. 

For a community organization, it is true that membership count does play a vital role in shaping its structure and standing. Our main goal should be to inspire thousands of Nepalese residing in the United States to enroll and participate in building this organization.  Please become a member if you are not as of now and let’s join hand to strengthen its structure. 

It is only through learning and experimenting that we challenge the status quo and lead the movement to the next level. So, I would like to welcome all of you to be part of this historical movement that is gearing up to reach the next level. 

Thank you. 


Suneel Sah 
President (2019-2021)