Objectives and Goals
The Objectives of the NRN USA shall be :
  1. To encourage and facilitate the mobilization of NRN and American resources for supporting NRN as defined by Bylaws

  2. To coordinate, facilitate, and conduct activities to mobilize NRN resources and know-how, maintain and foster Nepali identity and cultural heritage, further academic and professional advancements and contribute towards NRN as set forth in Bylaws

  3. To represent and promote the interests if Nepali in the USA

  4. To facilitate towards the overall development of Nepal

  5. To encourage and facilitate NRN and American investment to support development effort in Nepal

  6. To organize national and international conventions and conferences and publish newsletters with a view to accomplishing the objective of the NRN USA.

  7. To foster friendship and understanding between NRNs, Nepali Americans and friends of Nepal in the USA.

  8. To improve the relationship between the people of Nepal and the USA; To formulate the policies and rules governing the NRN USA, and to define the function, duties and the decision-making process of the NRN USA

  9. To achieve continuation of Nepali citizenship to NRN or dual citizenship to PNO.To represent and promote the interests of NRN in the Nepal and elsewhere

  10. To raise and donate financial resources nationally and internationally.

  11. To support and assist in the humanitarian and relief work during the time of disaster and human suffering including but not limited to any sort of natural calamity directly or in cooperation with other national and global organizations or individuals for achieving the objectives of NRN USA.

The primary goals of the NRN USA shall be as follows:
  1. To function as national Board of NRN USA and national coordination council of its international organization NRNA ICC

  2. To represent and promote the interest, right, privileges and immunities of NRN in the United States and Nepal.

  3. To coordinate the National Board’s activities with the NRN USA and its State Chapters

  4. To coordinate with other national and global not-for-profit organizations with similar interests to promote and protect NRN’s interests, right, privileges and immunities.