4th Special GM

August 28

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 August 27


Date: 08/27/2015


Dear Mr Sarbagya Wagle

Media Coordinator


Subject: Request to sponsor Forth Special General Meeting of NRN NCC of USA.

Dear Mr.

We are happy to introduce you to Non Resident Nepali American Association (NRNA).

A nonprofit entity registered under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 © 3 is providing various community services in the USA for the past 8 years. Currently we have more than 11,000 members in this Organization.

We are conducting our 4th Special General Meeting in 143-09 Holly Avenue Flushing New York-11355 on 12th September 2015. Our goal is to Self-sustain the event with its own resources. In order to meet this goal, we are requesting for Sponsorship from you well-wishers, local businesses, community leader and individuals such as you.

The tier of sponsor will be as follows:

  • Event Partner $5,000.00 (will receive free ticket for entire event and cultural event…etc.)
  • Platinum Sponsor $3,000.00
  • Gold Sponsor. $2,000.00
  • Silver Sponsor. $1,000.00
  • Event Supporter. $500.00

By supporting this extraordinary special event you will not be supporting a not for profit cause of our community, but also communicating your message to a huge community at large in this New York metro area about your successful business and personality.

We hope that we can count on you to help and support each other in this good cause.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank You,

Mohan Gyawali


Advertisement and Sponsor Mobilization/Management Committee


Executive Board Member




6 August 2015

Dear members of NRN NCC of USA,
Thank you for becoming a valued member of NRN NCC of USA.

We are very happy that your prestigious membership has taken NRN NCC of USA to a next level of recognition. As you are aware, NRN NCC of USA is growing rapidly and has recently been successful to attract more than ten thousand members making NRN NCC of USA the largest NCC in NRNA’s history. We have many goals to achieve. We expect your continuous support and co-operation to build NRN NCC of USA a common platform for all Nepalese and Person of Nepali Origin (PNO) living in the USA.

At this moment, we are excited to announce that NRN NCC of USA is organizing a Special Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 12, 2015 at the Auditorium of Ganesh Temple Community Center in Flushing, New York City. As a Convener, it is my honor and privilege to invite you to participate in this special event and offer a warm welcome.

This Special AGM is very important for the members of the organization to get together, share ideas and make some important interim decisions towards the benefit of the organization and is going to be historic in several aspects. Your presence and active participation will make the event more valuable. We are confident that we will have an opportunity to welcome you and display our hospitality in New York City.

We will bring up our agenda and detailed programs of the event very soon. In the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Once again, thank you in advance for your participation.


Krishna Pokhrel

4th Special General Meeting of NRN NCC of USA
& Senior Vice President of NRN NCC of USA
Tel: 917 574 0809
Email: [email protected]

बिशेष साधारणसभाको सूचना !

२५ जुलाई २०१५
एनआरएन अमेरिका कार्यसमितिको जुलाई २५, २०१५ मा भएको निर्णय अनुसार, आगामी सेप्टेम्बर १२, २०१५ मा न्युयोर्क (Auditorium of Ganesh Temple Community Center in Flushing, New York) शहरमा संस्थाको बिशेष साधारणसभा हुने भएकोले तपाईंहरु सम्पूर्ण सदस्यहरु, संघ-संस्था, पत्रकार, बर्तमान कार्यसमिती, सल्लाहकार, सम्पूर्ण कमिटिका सदस्यहरु, पूर्वकार्यसमितिका पदाधिकारीहरु तेसैगरी आइसिसीका सदस्य, क्षत्रिय उपसंयोजक, क्षत्रिय संयोजक, प्याट्रन, सल्लाहकार लगायत सम्बद्धसबै लाई जानकारीको लागि यो सूचना गरिएको छ ।
मिती र स्थान बारे तुरुन्तै जानकारी गराइने छ ।

सर्बज्ञ वाग्ले
मिडिया कोअर्डिनेटर
एनआरएन अमेरिका