NRNA ID card

Develop and Distribute NRNA ID Card to the members in the USA 

 Carrying the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) ID card is a matter of pride for all NRNA members. We all understand that the importance and value of the NRNA ID card cannot be measured only in terms of monetary benefits that it may provide. It also enriches us with the feeling of belongingness with other members in the community. 


Since the beginning of the term (2019-2021), as a part of the SMART NRNA Project, NCC of USA has been seriously working on providing services digitally like online meetings, digital documentation, event registration, student mobile app, NRNA mobile app and digital ID Card to the members in the US. 


As a result of the digitization process, now registered members can view and print their NRN USA digital ID card by logging in the web site and selecting the ID Card button located near top, right had side of the My Account page (first page after login). The same functionality will also be available in the NRNA NCC of USA mobile app which is planned to be released soon. 



In many occasions, NRNA members have expressed their desire to carry a card for member identification purpose. National boards had tried, multiple times in the past, to develop and distribute identification cards. Although a limited success was attained, the momentum to develop NRNA Identity Card was gaining with time. During the first NRNA NCC of USA meeting held in September 17, 2017, in Baltimore MD,the national board formed a NRNA Identity Card distribution and benefit committee (NRNA Identity Card committee) under the chairmanship of Mr. Gopendra Bhattrai (Board Member, NRN NCC of USA). The purpose of the committee is to develop and distribute NRNA Identity Card to the members of the organization and explore benefits to the card holders. After the general assembly in Baltimore, we had a number of conversations with ICC members on different subjects. In particular, we discussed the NRNA Identity Card project and made them aware of our commitment to the members in the USA. In the first ICC meeting after the election in Kathmandu, Dr. Keshab Paudel (President NRNA NCC ofUSA) had an opportunity to explain and encourage the newly elected ICC members to join hands in developing and distributing NRNA Identity Card. As a result, in the same ICC meeting, a committee, headed by Sapila Rajbhandary (VP ICC) was created and ICC decided to develop uniform NRNA Identity Card to all of the members in the world.