1. If you are in a LifeTime Member List: Please login and make sure your phone number and email is current.

  2. If you are in an Old LifeTime Members Verified: Please register and skip step 13 and 14 and email [email protected] to override the payment requirements.

Follow General Member Renewal or Upgrade to a Lifetime Member instructions.

You can reset your password with your phone number. It will text you the email address and link to reset your password.

If you are not approved yet, you can update yourself but if you are already an approved member, email your new photo or Identification document to [email protected]

You can login to your account and update the phone or email address. Once it is verified, you will receive an confirmation email.

It means you created an account but have not clicked the activation link that was received during the registration . You can not proceed until you validate your email address.

It means your family member had logged in to his/her account on that device and forgot to logout. You can logout and use your credentials to login.

You will receive an approval email from the system or you will receive an email from [email protected] within 5 days if there are any issues.

If you do not receive any correspondence in 5 days, please email [email protected]

Unfortunately, no. You need a valid email and phone number along with valid identification documents.

No. Upgrade is available only for 2019-21 General Members only. Current system does not allow upgrades during the same term.