NRNA -NCC USA COVID-19 Activity Report

NRNA -NCC USA COVID-19 Activity Report

July 30, 2020

April 5th, 2020.


Dear all Nepali Community Members



Non-Resident Nepali Association, America is responding to an outbreak of pandemic disease COVID-19, caused by a new coronavirus. Different parts of the country are seeing different levels of COVID-19 activity. In the United States, it increases the number of COVID-19 positive and death toll every hour. According to the US government report, all 50 states have reported cases of COVID-19. Recently Nepali community is also confirmed affected in many states. We have received the small number of COVID-19 positive data from the Nepali community; it can be predicted a big number of confirmed cases but yet to exposed in the society. NRNA NCC USA taking this situation very seriously and taking necessary action every moment. NRNA NCC USA has formed various committees to help Nepali community members in this critical situation. NRNA NCC USA has also created COVID-19 special funds and raising funds through GoFundMe to support the Nepali community in their economic hardship. We are providing financial support for those who are having a difficult financial situation and distributing necessary logistics with the help of state chapters like, thermometer, hand sanitizer, mask, etc. A person or one organization cannot make a big difference, we all need to unite and fight against Corona Virus Disease. NRNA NCC USA doing its best as possible to fight against COVID-19 and protect Nepali Community. Following are the major activities brought by NRNA NCC USA to protect and support the Nepali community from the COVID-19: C


NRNA-NCC, USA COVID-19 Activity Report (As of 04/02/2020)


1.         NRNA NCC USA has formed a high-level COVID-19 taskforce under the chairmanship of NCC President Mr. Suneel Sah fight against COVID-19 and help the Nepali community. This taskforce includes all the NCC Executive Committee Members, Advisors, Regional Coordinators, Chapter Presidents, Chapter Focal persons, and Various Committee Chairs. NRNA NCC has formed various regional level and chapter level volunteer committees to help the COVID-19 patients at the local level. NRNA NCC USA has started a GoFundMe account to collect the funds and donate to the person who requires the most in this situation. We have raised over $10634.00 in this emergency fund and we are simultaneously donating this fund to the person who is in the economic hardship affected by COVID-19. The volunteers from the most affected areas like New York and other states are supplying emergency materials like medicines, foods, masks, thermometers, etc. door to door to the persons who are under quarantine.

2.         NRNA NCC USA has formed a health assistance committee under the chairmanship of NRNA NCC USA Chief Patron Dr. Keshab Paudel which includes doctors and Nurses. We have arranged a dedicated phone line 833-684-0551 (COVID-19 Hotline), and email [email protected] to reach the members of this medical assistance team round the clock to address any non-emergent COVID-19 related health issues.

3.         NRNA NCC USA, Helpdesk Committee have arranged dedicated phone lines 844-676-2872 to help with the health issues, immigration issues, legal issues, student and college issues, and various other general issues.

4.         NRNA NCC USA, COVID-19 Student Response Team has been contacting students, teachers, and professors in universities and colleges in the country. This team has been mobilizing local residents to contact students in their area with the purpose of finding out and providing any kind of help including emotional, financial and others. Also, virtual Yoga classes are run for the students and others to reduce stress in this difficult time. The team is committed to continuing this effort in the future.

5.         NRNA NCC USA, Science, Technology and Innovation Committee, in association with Smart Data Engineering Inc., has designed a real-time dashboard to track the Nepalese who are affected by this pandemic. This real-time dashboard will help us to find the status of tested/ not tested number of Nepali community members.

6.         The Health Committee of NRNA NCC USA has published COVID-19 related Health education brochures.

7.         NRNA NCC USA has published COVID-19 Relief Bills Brochures to educate the Nepali community members about relief packages provided by the government.

8.         The NRNA NCC USA is closely working with Nepal Embassy to the USA, federal, state and city-level government authorities, various local organizations, etc. to help the Nepalese people in this difficult situation.

9.         Various committees of NRNA NCC USA has organized various Facebook live events to educate about COVID-19. There are various other events on the pipeline. Here is the list of some events.

a. 02/23/2020: Impact of COVID-19 on Visit Nepal 2020”: Professional Networking Committee and Tourism Promotion committee along with NRNA ICC Health Committee & NASeA organized this Facebook live event which was broadcasted through Non-Resident Nepali Association-Official Facebook page and various other online publications.

 b. 03/08/2020: “COVID-19: Facts and Fear”: NRNA NCC USA, the Health and Safety Committee organized this Facebook live event with Healthcare Professionals to educate about COVID-19.

 c. 03/15/2020: “Diagnostic Details, Therapeutic Strategies and Clinical Care Challenges of COVID-19”: NRNA NCC USA, the Science, Technology, and Innovation Taskforce organized this event.

 d. 03/22/2020: “Pandemics and Financial Impact”: NRNA NCC USA the Youth/Student Taskforce organized this Facebook live event with a University Professor.

 e. 03/27/2020: “COVID-19: Nepalese Students and Challenges”. NRNA NCC USA, the Student Taskforce organized this event with officials of the Embassy of Nepal and NRNA NCC.

 f. 03/28/2020: ”Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration”: NRNA NCC USA, the Citizenship and Immigration Committee organized this event with prominent lawyers.

 g. 03/29/2020: “Impact of COVID-19 on Business owned by the Nepalese Entrepreneurs”. NRNA NCC USA the Professional Networking Committee and Entrepreneurship Promotion Committee organized this event along with various legal and business professionals.

 h. 04/04/2020: “COVID-19: Basics and Beyond”: NRNA NCC USA, the Health and Safety committee is organizing this health awareness program. It will be organized along with the physicians caring for COVID-19 patients.

Upcoming Events: The following events are scheduled for future dates

 i. 04/12/2020: “Science behind COVID-19 and its Psychological Impact on Nepalese people around the world”. NRNA NCC USA, Professional Networking Committee and Health and Safety Committee will jointly organize this event along with attending COVID-19 Physicians, Psychiatrist, and Medical Epidemiologists.

 j. TBD: “Impact of COVID-19 on International Students & Non-Citizens and reliefs from Government Agencies and Universities”. NRNA NCC USA, Professional Networking Committee and Student Taskforce will jointly organize this event with the subject matter expert inappropriate date and time in the future.

 k. The professional counselor services are being provided to the University Students (e.g. Kansas state) suffering from mental stress due to this COVID-19 Pandemics.

l. Various other events and help are on the pipeline.

 In this sorrowful time, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all families who lost their loves ones. May the departed soul rest in peace.

 Stay Strong and Stay Safe!


 Pashupati Pandey

General Secretary

Non-Resident Nepali Association, America