Special Honor for Significant Contribution as an NRN

Special Honor for Significant Contribution as an NRN

June 11, 2021

Date: June 11th, 2021

Dear community members:
In our effort to recognize and promote service/activism to our communities in the U.S., we call for nominations for this recognition, which is named "Special Honor for Significant Contribution as an NRN".

We request all our community members to look around and identify someone who you think has provided significant contribution as a Non-Resident Nepali at both national and/or international level. We believe in recognizing our community members who have contributed significantly in the respective profession and helped uplift Nepal's name in the US and beyond. Once you are convinced, you can nominate your choice for this honor.

Important notes about the nomination:
1. The deadline for submission of nomination is 11:59 pm PST, Friday, June 25, 2021.
2. In your nomination, please include -

(a) a brief bio of the nominee, including academic and career service experiences (maximum 1 page)

(b) a short narrative stating what contribution the nominee has made by highlighting major achievements and accomplishments in their respective areas of expertise and service to the diaspora community (maximum 1 page)
3. Your nominations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1.length of stay and service in the U.S.
2.special achievements and accomplishments in specific areas of expertise as well as in the community
3.honorable contribution to the community in the past and present
4.impact of the contribution to the community at large and to enhance Nepal's image
4. Please send your nominations, including questions and concerns (if any) to [email protected] or contact any of the following members of the Professional Recognition Committee members
5. Please keep in mind, this honor is being considered for the contribution made in the respective field being an NRN
6. One person can only nominate one nominee.


Dr. Tara Sigdel (Chair), Associate Professor, University of California San Francisco, email- [email protected]
Dr. Toya Baral (Member), Director at Henegenix Biotech Inc, email [email protected]
Dr. Tika Lamsal (Member), Associate Professor, University of San Francisco, email- [email protected]
Ms. Jagadamba Adhikari (Member), Senior Medical Social Worker, University of Washington, email- [email protected]