IT Projects
S.N Networking, Apps , AGM, MIS
1 Released new android and iOS apps . Members can view news, events, search members and download ID cards instantly. 
2 Created an Expert Database to collect information of Nepali Professionals. 
3 Successfully completed the first ever virtual 9th AGM, National Knowledge Convention, National Women's Conference and Youth Conference. 
4 Created an API to migrate selected member Data to ICC. This will avoid sending member information on a spreadsheet. 
1 Enforced organizational communication only through official email.  
2 Subscribe to newsletter: Allows anyone to subscribe NCC USA NewsLetter and Mass Emails
3 Utilized mass email and social media to inform members and community  
4 Facilited Facebook Live with Zoom Meetings  
Membership Portal - Admin Portal
1 Migrated Membership Portal and content management to the cloud.
2 Overhauled the web Application to use Django Framework and Linux server to save cost and improve security.
3 Added digital ID card on the Member Portal
4 Load tested for higher traffic to handle higher traffic during the peak membership period.
5 No downtown or any issues during the peak Membership Enrollment period in 2021. 
6 Implemented different web roles to enforce data security. 
7 Overhauled the admin dashboard to make it user friendly and load faster.  
8 Added Review and Pending feature to support membership verification.
9 Added Admin logs to record actions by an admin user 
10 Disabled the download of member data by the most of the admin users. Limited to only one web role.
11 Recorded the date and the Reason when a member data is downloaded.
12 Added feature to reject members after an approval. Rejected reason is visible to both admin and the member .
13 Added a tool to detect members who used the same account to pay for membership for more then 4 members during the same term.
14 Added features to turn off profile update, registration control, renewal and upgrade of members. 
Reduce re-occuring costs
1 Free GSuite Account : We have about 60 accounts and it was costing around 10 K/year. It is free for all .
2 NCC USA was approved for $3500 azure credits for 2020-21. We are also approved for $3500 for 2021-22. This credit can be used for hosting our applications in Azure.
3 Ability decrease the server capacity very little effort.
Election Site
1 Migrated Election Portal to the cloud.
2 Integrated API to have the same logins work on both Member Portal and Election Portal
3 Overhauled the Election website to record admin logins on a Election site
4 Added disclaimer for nominator, supporter and candidate. It notifies each party during candidate filing .
1 Historical Archive: Created section where members can learn the history of NCC USA and its evolution.
2 Registered over 200 Old Lifetime members to the new system.